About Me

Welcome! My name is Nicole DeSalvia and I'm a Senior Physical Education major at SUNY Cortland. I look forward to a long and rewarding career in Physical Education. I've been a member of the Women's Club Lacrosse team here at SUNY Cortland since my freshman year, and a captain since my junior year. I love working with children and learning about the human body and the numerous benefits of physical activity and their correlation with mental capabilities. I've recently been involved in working with children and young adults with disabilities and find this to be rewarding, challenging and exciting new experience.

Standard 1

Initial PETE Standard 1
Standard 1: Scientific and Theoretical Knowledge

Physical education teacher candidates know and apply discipline-specific scientific and theoretical concepts critical to the development of physically educated individuals.

Artifact: Motor Development Lab Skill Assessment 

Date: Spring 2010
Observing St. Mary's students running, galloping and hopping.
Reflection: At St. Marys Elementary school each week our Lab section would asses specific skills that the kids would preform in games developed by the SUNY Cortland students. From kicking, dribbling, running and skipping, the Cortland students analyzed two specific students in their abilities to preform these skills. For our Lab 2 on September 29th we assessed two students with their ability to, run, gallop, and hop. The group that was teaching in the Gym developed games that implemented running, galloping, and hopping. Assessing these students and seeing if they have the critical elements in performing these skills is a very important part of physical education. Understanding how to critique students in motion is important to understand how to guide them to perform these skills based on the Performance Criteria. To see a reflection on the locomoter tasks for running, galloping and hopping see my reflection